From Lily at Retrospective Lily. Sometimes Christians spend too much time railing about what we are AGAINST(insert list here.) and not enough time talking about what we are FOR(A relationship with Jesus.)

Hi, friends. I sometimes get frustrated by legalistic Christians. Legalistic Christians tend to neglect the most foundational components of the faith–

  • understanding we are all sinners saved by grace and, consequently, being humble and constantly repentant
  • following Jesus’s example of caring for the least of these including the poor, the outcast, the mentally and physically broken, etc. (a subject for another post, but I’ll add that God in the OT, who some antagonistic Christians embrace more than Jesus, also told His people to care for the least of these, esp. the foreigners, orphans, widows, and poor in their midst)
  • building up the body of Christ with love, patience, mercy, joy, peace, discretion in words and actions, etc.

Legalistic Christians tend to point out real or perceived sin in others while ignoring their own, and in their lives, neither the fruit of the Spirit nor discipleship of Jesus is evident. They only whip out their religion to make a mountain out of a molehill or to justify a worldly action or attitude.


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