A great post on revenge and forgiveness here from Efua at Grace Over Pain. We can sure waste our entire lives with hate, desire for vengeance, and unforgiveness. Good thing Jesus didn’t treat us the way we sometimes treat others.

“He took away what was rightly mine. I did him no harm; nothing to have deserved this. I always treated him as family and I never would have thought he could and would do this. The heart of man bible says is wicked. I always went out to work so there was food in the house. I played a huge part in ensuring we never starved. I surely deserved to be treated better.”

This sounds like what was going through Esau’s mind after realising his brother stole his blessing from their dad. It’s sad when a stranger intentionally hurts us but it’s even worse when family or a close friend does. Esau sounded like the breadwinner of the family – the one who went out to get meat. Giving out his birthright for a bowl of porridge, he never envisaged that his only brother would go as far as tricking their aged dad to steal his blessing.…read the rest of the post here: Living for Revenge