Lately, I have spent some time pondering the state of the churches today, as many seem to be just surviving rather than thriving. Here are just a few thoughts on circumstances which exist in our lives which dampen the Holy Spirits word and indicate we need repentance and revival, then we will move on to specifics as the days go on. We might be in need of revival if:

Our love for God has grown lukewarm or cold.

Our love for each other has grown lukewarm or cold.

Our prayer life has grown lukewarm or cold.

Our concern for the lost in the world has grown lukewarm or cold.

When we wallow and languish in our sin, with no efforts to correct it or restore one another.

When we are no different from the world around us,

When our churches are languishing or staying put. When they are no longer advancing forward in God’s work

When our churches are struggling to survive, or actually dying.

When we think that, because we are busy doing things for God, that we are okay and don’t need reviving.

When we are happy with things just the way they are and think our strength lies in our traditions.

We can stand idly by and see God mocked and ridiculed and feel no need or compulsion to say anything.

We think we know all we need to know about God’s Word and cease to pray, study and meditate on it.

We stop rejoicing in the blessing of others and instead resent that they received them.

We think we have become good enough, and cease striving to become Christlike.

We start to constantly doubt and question God’s Word and doubt key doctrines of Christianity and clearly taught precepts.

Our main priority in life is anything other than Jesus Christ.

Those are hardly all the things we can do or fail to do to quench the Holy Spirit in our lives, but it provides a good start. Feel free to add, and perhaps we can explore your thoughts in more detail!