Great post here by brother Anthony Baker. Blogging is, in its own way a community. What better way to build on that than by sharing each other’s words? Lift up a brother or sister by sharing their thought with others. And as a side note, sharing a post about post sharing is pretty ironic, really. 

by Anthony Baker from The Recovering Legalist

Starting this Monday (Dec. 17, 2018) through Christmas (do I have to tell you the date?), I encourage all of you to accept the following challenge: “Like” and Share our fellow bloggers’ posts.

Sure, go ahead and write your own stuff, but try to share another blogger’s work at least once a day, either by re-blogging on your own site or by forwarding it on other media platforms. If possible, try to find a different blogger to repost for each day………Read the rest of the post here: Sharing (Re-blogging, Social Media) Is Caring