The holiday season is NOT a time of happiness for all believers; many beset with all the tribulations of this life. Despite that, joy is in order, and our Lord wants us to have that. Here are some great scripture readings from The Devotional Guy to help us out. Enjoy.

The Devotional Guy™

You worked hard on writing the perfect blog post. 3 people read it. Three. And one of them isn’t even your mom. Maybe you’ve been diligently putting in hours and hours on this big project at work and your boss doesn’t even notice. Perhaps you’ve been looking for work and can’t seem to find it. Or your marriage is struggling. Discouraged?

It’s Christmastime, and while the whole world is feeling jolly with Old Saint Nick, you’re feeling all “BAH! HUMBUG!” We all have times, even seasons, in our lives when we struggle. The struggles can cover a wide array of things: marriage, job, faith, kids, finances, love, joy, addiction, behaviors, attitudes, the HOLIDAYS…You get the picture…YOUR struggle IS real.

Discouragement weighs us down. It’s not some momentary melancholy melodrama. It distracts us from being all that God intends us to be, drawing our eyes of Him…

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