tagged me in this Q an A tag, and it seemed fun. I don’t usually play in these due to time, but suddenly I seem to have time. Plus, I am not very imaginative and rather uptight, so random fun things can be a struggle for me LOL.

Here are the rules.

1. Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)

2. Provide three new questions of your own

3. Tag three people

My questions:

1. What should a Christian’s (or a church’s) primary focus be during the Advent season, or simply choose between anticipation of the Christmas celebration or anticipation of Christ’s return?

Well, this one is simple for me. In our work, we don’t actually observe any of the traditional seasons that are celebrated such as Advent and Lent. So, we focus on the same thing as always, the preaching and spread of the Gospel message. Of course, the incarnation of our Lord was hugely important, so obviously we talk about it a lot during this time of year.

2. In your blog writing, what are your chief goals, for the present and long-term?

Again, that would be the spread of the Gospel message primarily, but the fellowship and encouragement around here are great too.

3. Almost everyone has one of these memories of a grandparent, aunt, uncle, whatever.  This is a multipart question.  Who gave you the same thing at Christmas every year?  What was the predictable gift?  And did you even like it?

Well, I don’t really recall that happening. I do recall my grandfather on my Dad’s side always bringing me a banana when he visited, though. I love them lol. He always wore this big overcoat and it was fun to figure out which pocket it was in. I remember once my Mom and I got a care basket one year when things were really rough, and some rocket scientist put something like 8 cans of cranberry sauce in it. We didn’t have much, so we ate every one of those things. I hate that stuff, still.

My questions:

  1. What is your favorite family tradition, not just for Advent, but for all of the time?
  2. What was your favorite family vacation you ever took and why?
  3. Describe your perfect meal.
  4. Bonus question: Is a frog’s butt waterproof?

My tagees are(and I will NOT be offended if you do not play, as I usually don’t either):

Don from My Heart Is For Israel

Tom from ExCatholic For Christ

Sue from Sue’s Pen2Paper Blog

Be blessed, and enjoy!