Hi friends; I hope this finds you all well. I hope these updates are not overly tedious; I think they are really for me more than anything, really. It’s pretty amazing how just writing about things that are going in helps one sort things out mentally.

I have hospital duty tonight, and tomorrow night as well. My Father in Law developed a touch of pneumonia so they admitted him; it’s nothing to play around with at 76 with COPD and brain cancer. It’s not a crisis, exactly, but just a precaution. So, that’s why I sit in the Hospital in Little Rock typing this. We don’t leave folks alone in the hospital in our family. Bank on it; if you are one of us and are hospitalized, you will have company 24/7. So, we work it out among us. Even the children-in-law take a turn. Since I really have less going on than most, the night shift is easiest for me, so here I am. The others take vacation or sick days and cover the rest.

My career situation seems to be making some moves; some of them aren’t exactly what I had planned at this stage of my life, but making a living is a needful thing. As the saying goes, a man’s gotta do what a man gotta do. Actually, in this case, it’s fitting in nicely to the overall plan.

I do have an interview Thursday with a major drug retailer for a management position with that company. I really don’t rate the likelihood as high that I am going that way. I feel pretty confident of an offer unless I do something really stupid. I grew my retail management teeth with retail giant Walmart, and that’s still a big gun to carry in retail interviews. I know in advance that they will never come close to matching my previous salary, and would likely demand just as much. I’m not sure I really want that; plus, I still have pretty negative feelings towards corporate America at the moment. I am not sure I am making that trip again in this life.

I am actually in the process of reinstating my Arkansas Real Estate license. I had begun a fairly successful business 12 years ago when the wheels flow off of my life the last time, but I had let it expireΒ  So, I have sent my application for testing off, and am enrolled in Real Estate School again. I have even spoken to a broker about hanging my license when I am back in action. So….maybe that.

I do have actual, gainful employment though. I may have mentioned the assisted living facility we go to twice a week to lead a singing with the residents, I am not sure. At any rate, the director there is looking for an all-purpose highly unskilled type to do all the stuff nobody wants to do. Things like heavy duty kitchen cleaning, heavy inside cleaning, assisting any residents who want to wander around in the wee hours of the morning. I may even do some cooking if I work some second shifts. I will rank so low on the food chain the CNAs will tell me what to do LOL. It’s okay, though, because at this point I find being the smallest fish in the sea quite comforting. I work hard, and if I get all my stuff done, and things are quiet, they are okay with some study and such. I was actually really thrilled when the director called; I have gotten really fond of many of the residents and getting to actually be part of their lives is a real blessing.

Oh yeah, and then there is that pesky thing about not going hungry and paying bills that keeps coming up. Although that problem was not as bad for us as for many who suddenly find themselves jobless. We were blessed and basically were able to pretty much do what we wanted, save some money, and give some away too. Even in a menial, low paying position, we just won’t get to play really. Blessed, I say. This position will give me the schedule flexibility to build a Real Estate business again, so when I become a Real Estate mogul, I will play hard once again. No worries, mon.

Anyway, that is all for now. My Father in Law has fallen asleep, and this is like having a baby. When baby sleeps, Mom sleeps. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for now.