This one is going to be a bit tough. Working hard, getting fired, sick mother-in-law…none of that really set the stage for the next wheel that flew off the family car.

First, let me just say a few things about my Father in Law. The first thing is that he is actually the closest thing to Dad I ever really had. My “real” dad sucked, and my stepdad was not much better. This one is Dad to me more than any other man I have known. Second, my Father in Law is very special. He is kind, hard-working, and he loves his family dearly. He is a simple man, not able to even read or write past the grade school level, but smart as a whip. He loves God. What else needs to be added there?

Anyway. Last Monday, a week and a half ago, he fell into the bathtub one early morning. This wasn’t really a shock, as he tends to be wobbly a bit anyway, so falling down was just a matter of time. We fished him out of the bathtub, and everything seemed to work, so we didn’t get too excited about it all. He’s a tough guy, and a simple fall was no big deal. At least not until he went to see his Doctor just to make sure all was well. They poked and prodded and did some scans. They even did a CT scan of his head to make sure nothing was wrong. There was.

The fall was not random but was likely caused by the primary, grade IV brain cancer in his frontal lobe. It’s very aggressive, and fatal with or without treatment. The prognosis is not encouraging. With no treatment at all, the estimated time is 3 to 6 months, likely toward the lower end. With extremely aggressive treatment to include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, it’s not much better but potentially a year or slightly more. The neurosurgeon was pretty straightforward; it was to be all or nothing. No treatment or the full regimen.

Sigh, that’s a tough choice to make, but he made it. We all talked and prayed, cried and talked, prayed and cried some more.

No treatment. He wants to take what he has left and enjoy it unencumbered by surgery and invasive treatments.

He and my Mother in Law will need quite a bit of attention over the next few months. I just happen to have much free time now. I say God’s providence at work here.