Well, maybe some have noticed that there have been no posts on Truth In Palmyra for a bit. Then again, maybe you have not! Either way, that is okay. Well, to say life went crazy for a bit would be an understatement. Most readers know I like to keep things packed pretty full, so there is not much room to pour more water in the barrel before it starts running over the sides. So, I thought a recent life update might be in order. Thes events are in no real chronological order since they all sort of happened rolled up on a big ball of distraction, chaos and even some sorrow.

First of all, work piled on, just as it does about 3 or four times a year in a big way. I bet everybody knows what I mean here; somebody takes a hard look at metrics and comes to the stunning conclusion that performance overall is subpar(translated: we want to make more money.) Then the cry echoes down the hall and into the field:

You managers out there better turn things around, or the bottom performers are going to get fired!!!

Well, right away, the biggest single objective is to not be on the bottom. As they say when you and your buddy are being chased by a bear; you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your buddy.  So, then the race is on. Everybody on the bottom immediately starts doing double the effort to improve and stay employed. Then, even those in the middle and top have to strive, so they don’t suddenly find themselves flip-flopped and on the bottom themselves.

So, in this quite brilliant scheme to increase profits, overall performance usually improves dramatically, the bar is permanently raised and we move on. Generally, even the guys at the bottom end up surviving just fine, as normally even the bottom bar goes up quite a bit. That’s not always true, though; there is always some idiot who thinks,

“They don’t really mean it; they are just wanting to make more money! I just gonna keep on keeping on and ride this one out just like all the other threatened purges.

That’s just stupid, and a few times a year some Field Service Manager does get fired. Sometimes 2 or 3 if the ignoring is widespread. Those of us with any sense and desire to remain employed immediately double down on the effort and stick around. It’s worked for 11 years and I plan on it working for at last that many more.