Great thoughts Caroline. I pray that they will be the thing that encourages a long absent member to come to join with us this morning.

a reasonable faith

Have you ever watched a film you’ve seen multiple times and find yourself hoping it turns out differently? Like maybe Uncle Billy will remember that he put the $8,000 into the newspaper when he handed it to Potter, and George Bailey won’t find himself in a heap of trouble this time. Or the Jets and the Sharks will have their little rumble but no one will get killed and Tony and Maria will marry and live happily ever after. Or Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter won’t fall off the horse, Melanie won’t die, and Tara won’t be burned ‘cause the South gave up their quest for independence and there was no Civil War.

Conversely, in a particularly tense or disturbing moment in a familiar film do you find yourself fearing it will turn out differently…the hero, the good guy, the cause for right will be defeated this time?

Living as a…

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