This is an unofficial guest post by my wife. She had some wise words to say this morning, and they first appeared on her Facebook page. I just copied them here with her okay. Be blessed.

As another reminder today of just how short life really is, another one of our church family was called home. Just this morning in church as I looked around so many people not there. Why? I have no idea. There are probably a thousand and one excuses. I don’t feel good, no one will miss me this Sunday, I have other things I want to do, this is my only day off, I want to sleep in just a little longer, I had somewhere I wanted to go, and on and on. People just don’t care anymore. Why? Is it something that someone said to them that was taken the wrong way, is it just they don’t want to make time anymore for Jesus? It seems more and more people are just too busy with their own lives and what they want to do than give Jesus his time. Had he not given them their time they wouldn’t have any time. Think about it. We are all here by the grace of God. He can call any of us home at any time, it isn’t up to us and “our plans ” that we may have. God doesn’t operate on our time. He operates on his. It’s very disappointing and discouraging to see people not have time for God anymore. Time is coming to an end. Do we really want to answer to God for not making time for him, when he is the one that gives us the time? We need to be prepared and ready for his return. And yes, there is a difference. We can all be ready, but have we all made preparation for our eternal home either in heaven or hell? That is the only two options. There is no in between. Make time for God and accept his gift of salvation. Be faithful to his house when the doors are open, and spread his gospel.