For those who read my blog regularly, you certainly know how important I believe the local church to be. It is that important. Jesus started it Himself after all! Be blessed, and I hope to see you all this morning. Thanks, Kathy for these great thoughts.


Did you know that 70% of those who do not attend a church have never been invited?  Well, today, I’m inviting you.  Church is not a place for righteous, outstanding people, with no problems.  You might even consider it a hospital for sinners. It’s where you can go every week to reaffirm what you believe, refresh yourself with the Word and Sacraments, help others who need help, work together, encourage, praise, give thanks and ask God for all your physical and spiritual needs.

Church is like a huge group home, where we gather together and receive nourishment from the Bible.  We sing hymns to the glory of our Creator.  Sure it’s just a building, but it’s what inside that makes it a church.  Those who attend come because they need to be fed, they need God’s forgiveness, they know that His love permeates these walls.  What they take home with them…

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