I concur! I actually struggle with this a bit. As a veteran, I happen to be quite patriotic. I love this country, and at one time let some not nice folks try to kill me for her. Yet, at the same time, I do believe that in some churches that Patriotism has been elevated to the category of Idol. I have seen way too many try to make the case that any “good,” Christian must also be patriotic. We are certainly required to be good citizens, but not necessarily patriotic. Yet still, there is nothing anti-Christian about being patriotic, as some would say. I believe you captured the essence of this well, thanks.

The Recovering Legalist

Based on the comments I’ve read in response to a previous post of mine, along with others across the social media spectrum, there seems to be a misunderstanding – even a mischaracterization – of mine and others’ patriotism.

Believe it or not (and some will refuse to), a Christian can love his country, even to the point of sacrificing his life, without turning it into an idol and worshipping it.

I love my country and believe in what the original framers envisioned this nation to be. I believe there’s never been a better Constitution, nor has there ever been a nation whose laws better reflected the fact that all men (and women and children) are created in the image of God and therefore intrinsically valuable and endowed with “certain unalienable rights.”

I believe that the American flag means a lot more than color on cloth and borders within borders.


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