Great thought here on who is taking care of us! Thanks for it

Thoughts of a Preacher's Daughter

spa-zen-stonesGod is a present help in the times of need and also in the times of trouble. He is my rock my fortress and my strong tower. When the enemy comes against me like a flood I can stand strong in my faith because he is my anchor. He sits high and looks low and nothing escapes him. He leads me and guides me for my steps are ordered by him and because of him I can face tomorrow. No weapon formed against me shall prosper , he will block the enemies arrows and like a mighty wind he will sweep them away. He hides me under the shadows of his mighty hands and comforts me. He catches my tears not one slips away and he stores them in his warehouse of grace and mercy.

What a Mighty God I serve , my friend and guide. He is my defender…

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