God isn’t looking for a fight with us; if we seem like we are fighting, we aren’t listening! Good thoughts here, Patrick.


By Patrick Hawthorne


Have you ever spit against the wind?  I did when I was much younger.  It was a dumb mistake and a valuable lesson all rolled up into one juicy face smearing.  As is the case with most lessons, more than one application will often apply.  For instance I have learned that, with God, some assignments are for now, while others may be for later.  And… to force something now that is meant for later is the equivalent of spitting against the wind.  What goes out will surely come back and you can be assured it will be a mess.

Here is a great example.  The Lord has been downloading within me lessons pertaining to the Jezebel Spirit.  All last week I tried to write on the subject.  But, no matter how hard I tried, I just could not put my thoughts into words; there was just no…

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