In the first point we covered in our little talk about “Revival,” we discussed the issue of why we might or might not need revival in the first place. I think we came to an agreement that, while we ought not to need it, that we unfortunately do. We then went on to discuss the nature of “Revival” as simply an even, or a thing that we do.

We toss that word around rather loosely sometimes, and I wonder if we really think about what it is, what it is not, and what we even expect of this thing we call, “Revival.”

  • We “go” to a revival
  • We say, “My church is having a revival.”
  • We ask people to “come to our revival.”

Revival….every night this week except Tuesday! All welcome!

Reading the above, as it was seen on a church sign a couple of years ago just made the question arise in my mind: So…what happens Tuesday? Does everybody have to get re revived come Wednesday?” 

I asked around some, and it was very common for people to say that they thought revival was just something their church does and has always done. That is still true, in that for many churches revival is simply something they do once a year to punch the revival ticket.  So, just some random thoughts here:

Revival is not something a church does, it is something the Holy Spirit causes to happen to a church.

I don’t go to revival, I become revived.