A great comparison here between the Christian life and bull riding, along with an exhortation for us all to, “saddle up” from Julie at Cookie Crumbs to Live By. Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy.

I’ve written about this before but there is a pasture across the road from our house that
is home to a bunch of rodeo bulls.
Ours was not the luck to have horses across the street, although
two do live next door, nor could we even have a peaceful herd of dairy cows, sheep or goats…

Nope—we had to have rodeo bulls.

Loud, very vocal, very smelly, rodeo bulls.
Maybe 50 plus bulls.
Summer garden parties, when the wind is out of the northwest, are not for the faint
of heart at our house…so needless to say, we don’t host any.…..read the rest of the post heretime to saddle up boys…and girls