They don’t call Carnival cruise ships, “Fun Ships,” without good reason. Things take off quickly aboard ship and keeps on going until the very end. Normally we board the ship around 1130 or so, but passengers can’t get in their staterooms until 100 about, so food and fun is the fare until then. The first stop on this trip was, no surprise, food. Guys’ burgers to be precise. Guy Fieri , the fellow who does the show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” among others has a very nice arrangement with Carnival to have a Guy’s Burger place on certain ships. Fresh beef, formed and fried on the grill. Yum. Did I mention the fresh, hand cut fries and the every-topping- you can imagine bar?Attach94344_20180318_121822.jpg

Next up, fun on Deck. Conga lines and Dr. Seusss. What could be better? Carnival likes Dr. Seuss as well; in fact, on one day they actually have a Dr. Suess breakfast. I never attend. Why not you ask?

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am.


I had to give a special place to THIS guy. He is Chris Williams, the Cruise Director on our boat. This is NOT Julie from the Love Boat, I promise! He is Scottish, and goes by “The Flying Scotsman.” What an amazing fellow. Yes, he wore his kilt the entire cruise. He came up from the ranks as a singer and dancer in Carnival show crews. He did his own show at one point, and can really belt out some great tunes. He also happens to be a classically trained singer, and during his show proved he has one of the finest Operatic tenor voices you could ever hear.


And finally, just us starting the fun.