1 Peter 1.4 5

1 Peter 1:3-5

If I were to offer every person hearing or reading this a 20 dollar bill and call it a gift, most would be pretty pleased with that! What if I came back later and told you, that because you had not pleased me or met my expectations, that I wanted my bill back? Well, anybody would say it was not a gift! God has given us a gift in salvation, friends, and He won’t take it back either.

We have been given an inheritance that is incorruptible, and that will not change. Here we see that we are kept, not by our own power, but the power of God Himself. In the mind of God, who is timeless, we have already been given our inheritance! What then of the later reference to salvation to be “revealed in the last time?” Do we have to wait until we end our days to know? Of course not friends, we all know that our salvation is forever secure in the instant we repent and believe.

I have heard this said: We are saved from the penalty for our sin when we repent and believe. As we grow in faith and relationship with Jesus, we are saved from the control sin has in our lives on Earth. Finally, as we pass from this life, we will be saved from the very presence of sin for all eternity. Friends, Jesus is resurrected and alive and someday we will share in His heavenly glory.