Let me say first of all, that I deplore the welfare state. Got that? I think the fact that a substantial portion of our country’s population is on the government dole to be a tragedy of immense proportions. Just to be clear. So, I just don’t need anybody accusing me of being a communist here.

This all started because of a little to do that happened on Facebook last night and today involving a classmate of my wife’s from High School. This fellow and his wife have fallen into some hard times: heath issues, disabilities…just a bunch of stuff. So, one of the old classmates in-boxed all of the others to round up some support and donations for the poor guy and his family to help them through this rough spot. OF COURSE, there is always one isn’t there? You know, this one: “What EXACTLY is the medical problem? Where ELSE have they gone for help? What? Back problems? No way, not for any OBESE guy! Yeah, they said that. Oh…and by the way I CAN HELP, I”M JUST NOT GOING TO!” I wouldn’t want anybody to think I am one of those crappy needy people, ya know.

Most of the people on this Facebook thread would claim Christianity as their faith. Including most likely the one who so adamantly refused to provide help. You know, for that undeserving no account fellow.

In addition to not being a fan of the welfare state, I would agree people ought to pull their weight, and we don’t want to be taken advantage of necessarily. Butttttttttttttt…

Here is the deal folks. We are COMMANDED to help those in need, particularly the brethren. We aren’t commanded to evaluate their worthiness and have a conference to decide.

I state the following as fact. Go ahead and get mad, because frankly I don’t care. We can’t run around claiming eradication of the welfare state as a “Christian” economic value out of one side of our mouths, then use the other side of the same mouth to refuse to help folks that need it and THEN DOG THEM OUT BECAUSE THEY HAD A NEED!!

Praise God and a million thanks to Him that Jesus didn’t use the same criteria when providing for OUR salvation as we apply to each other.