1 Thessalonians 4.13

1 Thessalonians 4:13-15

Things were tough in the church at Thessalonica. As was normal, they were going through the same trials and tribulations as most of the early churches. Many of the brethren had died during the course of some years, and this was taking a toll on those remaining. While they had been looking forward gladly to the return of the Lord, they were concerned now that their loved ones had missed out on the blessed event. Paul wrote this letter to reassure them on this issue.

If we look around us even today, we can see that things have not changed that much; in fact, in some ways they are more discouraging. It has now been over 2000 years and we still await the return or our Lord; doubt assails us from every direction if this blessed event will actually still happen. Disdain for and persecution of the faith comes from every direction.

Friends, God’s Word was always written to a particular audience of people; it also always contains a message for the ages that applies to people of all ages. The hope provided by Paul to these believers then applies in just as real away to us today. Do not doubt friends, and do not be discouraged; our Lord has not forgotten us and will be coming back for us. On glorious day He will lift us from the trials of this life, and restore everything to perfection.