Christians, we need to stop demanding that we change ourselves, that others change and that the world changes. Only one thing can change any of the above, and that is Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Good News. Great post here from Brandon Adams. Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy.

There’s a dangerous idea floating around.

It’s the idea that the world’s darkness can be overcome by anything but the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We seek spot welds, individual solutions to individual problems. The solution to racism is equality. The solution to poverty is charity. The solution to terrorism is…whatever your favorite politician is hawking. A different flavor soup for each symptom. John Lennon would have you believe that love is a key for every lock.

I’m not here to debate the validity of any of these. There’s something to each. Many seem to have the words of Jesus behind them, if you argue your case well enough.

But the scattershot approach is dangerous. It’s dangerous because the days are short, our energies precious, and false solutions are sucking them up.

We are right to be heartbroken and outraged about these symptoms. But…and I include myself in this…we are heartbroken and outraged selectively, about our preferred lineup of issues, colored by our upbringing and nationality and what not. We don’t see the five minute scream-and-hang-up session you just directed at your father, or the money you just cheated from your subordinate, no less grieving to God than murder and hate………..Read the rest of the post hereThe Gospel is the answer. There is no other.