I don’t really have anything to say this morning, so just sort of a small update on life, blogging, and Kingdom work is in order.

First, just a small apology to all of my regular readers and commenters; I am sure you have noticed my visits have been sporadic lately. I have tried to keep up on writing, but have not done so well on visiting others. I thank you for hanging in around here despite that.

It’s been…..busy.

I am still writing for the Daily Devotional Quarterly for our association, that that seems to take far more time than I anticipated. “Official” writing is pretty time consuming.

I still work way too much at my “real” job. I usually hit the road at 500 AM, and am involved in that work until my last guy goes home for the day, usually around 630 or 700 PM. Then I have end of day performance reports to prepare and analyze.

A few of us have been going down to a local assisted care facility two evenings a week to lead some singing and have a short message, and just visit with some of the folks there.

We are beginning a program of outreach and personal visitation with some folks in our community. Our youth program has really exploded thanks to the efforts of our two youth leaders. The problem is, when we look out on those in church on any given day, that we see those young people….and the older folks like me. There is a huge gap. Finding and filling that gap has been a time consuming thing. It’s a challenge to contact and build relationships with those young parents, and just takes a bit.

One evening a week, my visiting partner and I are about to revitalize our own program of neighborhood visitation. This is just that old fashioned thing where we drive around, knock on doors and say, “HI!.” to people.

Busy I say!