There is a a saying that a cowboy’s work is never done. It should be said that a Christian’s work is never done. Some biting thoughts here from Tom. Comments closed here; blessings and enjoy.

Hard Times Ministries

Following the announcement yesterday by CBS News that Paul the Apostle hung up his bibles, the Middle East heralded Moses, the Father of the Hebrews was withdrawing into retirement.

This is the FIRST whereas all of God’s prophets in the past have never retired, nor was it the expectations of this for the two aforementioned prophets. After all, they were at the peak of their performance and call to duty.

A spokesperson for God could not be located, but 60 minutes pledged a follow up on its tv series.

“I simply had enough.”  Moses exclaimed when asked for reasons.

Paul the Apostle muttered, “Give someone else a chance.”

The brevity of answers baffles the religious communities, but yet we see contemporaries retire commonly with most members of faith.

“No such scripture exists.” Says critics of this retirement.

Thus, a new process has been initiated and installed with perhaps all members…

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