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A Lawyer's Prayers

“One Euro” Shop, Amsterdam, Holland, Author Bo Basil (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported)

The Five and Ten Cent Store on the Main Street of my childhood is long gone.

Offering for sale handheld fans, kitchen towels, pots and pans, packaged seeds, ironing boards, safety pins, and small gadgets of all kinds, the Five and Ten was a place to buy aprons, doilies, string, utility candles, decals, coloring books, school supplies, penny candy, and the buttons to match a favorite blouse.

Slinky’s and Yo-Yo’s

I remember the Five and Ten had a dry smell, the aroma of aged wood and spices shipped in tins from far off lands.  It supplied the cotton dresses for summers without air conditioning, the rick rack for curtains in the extra bedroom, and the patterns for party frocks made lovingly by hand.

The Five and Ten in its heyday had all the household objects now difficult to…

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