Just a few vague thoughts for those who teach others this morning. Blessings and enjoy.

James 3_1

That verse is quite sobering isn’t it? Not everybody should teach, first of all. Second, those who do will be held to a greater standard of accountability than those who do not. Friends, if you teach, you will answer for every single thing you did while teaching whether good or bad.

We don’t just decide to teach; God calls teachers. I actually get that this is a dilemma in many places, as teachers tend to be whoever will volunteer to do it. This is sad, but true. The truth is, some are called for this ministry and some are not. Yet, there are many teaching out of some sense of obligation I suspect, because it’s just, “what they do.” If God calls you to teach, answer that call; you will be blessed. If you are just teaching, “because,” maybe it is time to re-think that. You won’t be blessed, and you won’t ever love it.

Teachers need to teach. Teach us something, please. I mean a couple of things by this. One, I can read my own Sunday School lesson. Reading the lesson from the book is not really teaching. Sorry, but that’s simply a fact.  Two, don’t be scared to teach me something I might not want to hear. Sunday School teachers get more time with students then the preachers in many cases; use it wisely. Your job is to show me God’s Word in a way I might not have seen before, and to teach me how to leave your class and put it into action.

Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Some students spend some time getting ready and preparing for Sunday School. Teachers should spend far, far more. Getting up Sunday morning, reading the lesson and underlining some things is not enough. I have already done that myself. Again, show me what I haven’t seen, and how I can apply it.

Below is a copy and past of a post I did on this topic that I want to end this one with:

Hush Teacher

If you didn’t spend substantially more time praying, studying, and meditating on your lesson than I will spend listening to it?


If your preaching/teaching is not built completely around a solid foundation of Scripture?


If your preaching/teaching is all about how I can have a better life?


If your every exposition of Scripture starts with, “Let me tell what this means to ME?


Are you preaching/teaching ANYTHING counter to Scripture?


Are you “hearing” extra Biblical guidance from God about MY life?


Is God giving you a bunch of rules for us all to follow?


Is your entire lesson reading from a Sunday school book or some canned sermon you got online?


If any of these things are true about your preaching or teaching?

shut up