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2 Corinthians 6:16-7:1

In the section just prior to this, Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to reference some promises made to the Nation of Israel back in the Old Testament. As we have said before, when we see a “therefore,” we need to consider what it is…there for. In this case, it is not that difficult to figure out what is going on here.

First, there is some really, really immense theology going on in just that one passage above, but we are going to keep things simple. Seriously, though, get a good word study dictionary and some basic commentaries and really dig in there. It’s pretty amazing.

First, promises have been made. Secondly, because of what these promises have given, we can accomplish some things. In fact, we are told to do some things. We are to cleanse ourselves of the filthiness of both the flesh and the spirit. We are to avoid, abstain from and flee from these things. Friends, salvation is NOT a work, or an accomplishment. In fact, as we all know, our works are nothing but filthy rags in the sight of a perfect God. On the other hand, our Christian walks are all about work.

God has made promises. Will we appropriate those promises, and the power they bring to make ourselves holy and separate from the evil and declining world around us? Will be separate from that world, yet manage to still evangelize it?