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Colossians 1

The heresy that Jesus Christ is not fully human and also fully God is far from new, and Paul already had to combat this issue in some of his writings, in this case the church at Colossae. There is nothing new under the sun as we are told, and I have repeated this often myself.  The idea of Gnosticism was creeping into some of the teachings at Colossae, and Paul wrote this letter to deal with this issue.

Friends, Jesus Christ was God in the flesh when He walked the Earth, and He remains so even today. In our verse today we see two things revealed by the Holy Spirit. First, Jesus is/was before all things; He is the pre-existent, eternally existent Creator of all that does exist. Second, by Him all things continue to consist. In other words, Jesus remains the one who literally keeps the things in this universe working together as they were designed to(by Him, incidentally.) The very instant He removes His hand from our universe it would cease to consist and immediately spin into disarray.

Like every heresy that attempts to undermine the full humanity and full Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, this one has only one goal; that goal is to convince fallen humans that Jesus was NOT sufficient and that we have to add a little something to grace and His work on the Cross of Calvary to become saved and to stay saved. Specifically here was the teaching that some could elevate themselves to a higher state of spirituality than others. This is a teaching straight from the mouth of Satan himself, and he is the father of lies. Friends, you need Jesus plus…..nothing. You can receive this today, and rest on it for the rest of your earthly life and on into a glorious eternity. Will you today?