2 corinthians 5_6

2 Corinthians 5:1-6

Life is tough. Reality tells us that, and we can all see it in our daily lives. We get older and our bodies break down; many live with unending physical pain. We suffer diseases, some of which can claim our very lives. Financially or economically we don’t always get what in want; in fact, sometimes we literally are without absolute necessities. People are mean, unreasonable and hateful in many cases. Life is, indeed, tough. I may be a shock to some, but God has never promised otherwise for His children; there are numerous references in God’s word to not “if,” but “when” believers will suffer the trials of life. In some cases, it is the very act of being a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ that brings the suffering!

Why is that so? Our verse above tells us that answer. It is because, while in our bodily homes, we are absent from the physical presence of the Lord. We are trapped in our physical states as fallen, decaying and imperfect humans. That seems a tough word, but it is a true word.

Friends, glory to God, it will not always be that way. That is, if we are His children. Some day we will be absent from the body and be present with the Lord. There, we will be just as He is: perfect, holy and without flaw or blemish. There, in that eternal state, there will be no trials or suffering but only perfect eternal glory.