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John 11:28-34

As in the past, Martha and Mary have distinct ways of reacting to things. Martha ran out of the door and way down the road to more or less confront Jesus. Mary simply waited; she never left the place she was until Jesus called for her. Martha seemed to understand fairly clearly that Jesus could make things right; she said so. It is not clear from the story how much Mary really understood, as we are not told that. Mary seemed to understand that Jesus had things in hand, even if she did not know precisely how.

Mary’s reaction is telling, though. Despite her possible lack of complete understanding she did something; when Mary did meet Jesus, she “fell at His feet.” She simply surrendered herself to her Lord, reaching out to Him for comfort and trust that somehow He could make things right.

Mary waited. Jesus called. Mary came running and threw herself at Jesus’ feet. Friends, there is a great lesson here. We will never always be in full comprehension of God’s plan, and sometimes waiting rather than charging forward blindly is the best course. Eventually, Jesus will call, and when He does we also need to come running. Finally, sometimes we simply need to surrender and reach out to Him with trust and faith. When we do that, we may be granted to see God’s plan unfold in all of its glory. As this story continues, we see that this is what definitely happened.