John 10 40_42

John 10:37-42

If readers back up a bit in this story from the Book of John, the contrast we see in the reaction of certain people is astounding. The “religious” people of the day, the Pharisees and such, rejected Jesus and refused to believe despite the great things He did. The people over by Jordan, seemingly just normal, everyday people, believed in large part. Isn’t that interesting?

To this day, those who choose to follow The Great Commission are faced with exactly the same thing. The demands for “proof,” are incessant. Many non-believers challenge us with the mantra of: “Oh yeah, well if you PROVE your God exists, and then I will believe!”

Friends, don’t waste your time with this. We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers. As Jesus clearly showed the great things He did, we can also show the great things He has done. All we can do is point those who do not believe to the current state of their sin and the penalty they owe for it. Then, we can point them to how Jesus came to us on the Earth to take care of that problem by paying with His own death, so that we do not have to. We can show the glory of God’s creation, tell of the changes in our own lives and the lives of others. We can point to the steadfastness of God’s revealed Word through the ages. Friends, just share the Good News, and let God prove Himself.