Since I can’t seem to get around to actually writing anything about Philippians as I have promised, I thought this great post by Frances would fill in rather nicely. Some great Biblical thoughts on joy and contentment here. Comments closed; blessings and enjoy!

God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

How can I experience joy and contentment during these grueling times? How do I write about joy and contentment in the middle of uncertainty? I don’t know how, but I must. It is part of our work for Christ and His kingdom. It is during these times that He proves His joy in us.

He teaches, and by working His will in us by the power of His Holy Spirit we live, not according to our circumstances, but by our focus upon Him and His calling on our lives. There would never be true joy or contentment if we did not know Him, but Christ in us is the reason for our joy and contentment, no matter how difficult our days.

It has been this Year of Contentment (2017) that He chose to prove an even greater working than before with more trials. Without them we would never know how…

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