ephesians 1 18_19

Ephesians 1:15-19

Many of us notice our ability to read words on a page decline over the years. In many cases it may be the same book we have been reading for years, such as our favorite Bible. The problem is not that something has gone wrong with the book, but that something has gone wrong with our eyes! We need something to help us see better. My wife has recently suffered through this, and readers have been the thing that has helped her.

When we receive the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ through repentance and faith, our spiritual eyes are opened; we are no longer spiritually blind. Like our physical sight, our ability to discern the things of God will change as we mature in our Christian lives. There is one big difference between our physical sight and spiritual sight, however; God expects our ability to see the things of God to get better rather than worse as we mature in the faith. Like reading glasses for our physical sight, we also have help for our spiritual sight.

To those who believe, He gives “the exceeding greatness of his power,” to help us improve our vision over the years. An interesting note here is that in verse 19 the word translated “power,” is from the Greek word dunamis, from which we get our word, “dynamite.” Dynamite is powerful stuff, and it is truly a comfort to know we have that kind of power to help us grow in spiritual vision.