Mark 8_24

Mark 8:22-24

Have you ever woken up in the morning or after a nap, rubbed your eyes and notice things were just a little fuzzy. Most of us don’t wake up, open our eyes and see things crystal clear. Most of us are like the blind man in Bethsaida, we wake up and things are slightly hazy. We see that, as he saw men “as trees walking.” In other words, while he could now see, he was not seeing the new things around him with full clarity.

If we keep reading in this passage, we will see that Jesus touched the man’s eyes again, and at that point he saw clearly.

As we have discussed before, our spiritual eyes can only be opened by Jesus Christ, by God’s grace and through our faith in Him. As we have also discussed, at that point we are not done and are not fully where our Lord wants us to be. Our vision is likely to be fuzzy as well, and we won’t see the things of God with complete clarity. For many, Jesus has to touch us again to fully restore our vision.  How does Jesus continue to touch our eyes? He does this through His Word, through prayer and through service in one of His New Testament churches. If we commit ourselves as new believers, we can mature and see clearly the things of God clearly someday.