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Matthew 20:29-34

How many of us have seen friends or family walk to the front of church, make a profession of faith, get baptized, then just vanish as if they had been kidnapped? I think we have all seen that happen. It is an epidemic in our churches, as folks get their “salvation ticket” punched and think they have just met the requirements of the Christian life. It may or may not be true that such a person has “punched the salvation ticket,” so to speak; that is not our judgment to make. Even a true profession of faith does not mark the end of our Christian journey, but only the beginning. Our Lord expects us to grow and mature as we age in our walks of faith.

Note the end of our passage; “they followed Him.” Jesus did open the eyes of these blind men; in fact, only Jesus CAN open our spiritual eyes. We do nothing to make that happen.  If we call out to the Lord, we will be saved. What happens after that opening, however, requires diligence and effort on our parts.

Do we receive our spiritual sight, and head on home to do as we have always done? Or, do we follow Him? I implore you friend, please don’t just come to the altar, make a profession, and hit the house. Stay around a bit; study God’s Word, serve in His house, fellowship with your new brothers and sisters and become a fully grown, mature believer.