John 9 21 22

John 9:18-23

The world, in case readers have failed to notice, has become an increasingly hostile place for believers in Jesus Christ. Every day we see belief being pushed from display in the public sphere; even worse is believers being forced by public pressure or legislation to accept and even rejoice in things God’s Word clearly condemns. On the other hand, some never experience any push back from the world, and live a perfectly peaceful Christian life. Why that happens sometimes is worth exploring just a bit.

We can see why this happens to some simply by a quick reading of our story here. The reaction of the parents of the formerly blind man illustrates the point perfectly. They knew this was their son; they knew he had been blind for life and now could see; yet when asked about it they declined to answer to what was quite obvious! “Ask him!” they said. Ask him.

They refused to answer because they “feared the Jews,” and feared being “put out of the Synagogue.” No one is suggesting here that believers need to be reckless or careless in how we share our faith with others. In that regard, each person’s calling is not alike. Yet we might want to ponder this question. How many today live perfectly peaceful Christian lives, with no negative repercussions whatsoever, because of our fear of what will happen to us if we only speak up and tell others what we clearly know to be true?