2 kings 5_11

2 Kings 5

In this narrative, Naaman, the top general of the Army of the Syrians, had been stricken with leprosy. He had taken himself and his entourage to see the prophet Elisha to be healed of his disease. He clearly came expecting that the Prophet would run out of the door, and with honor, pomp, and circumstance and heal the great general.

That is not what happened at all; Elisha never even came out to meet Naaman. He sent a lowly messenger out to relay some simple instructions on how to be healed. Naaman was “wroth;” basically he was exceedingly and greatly angry. He clearly didn’t want to be healed in the way of some common man; he wanted to be healed in a manner appropriate to his station. Who was this prophet to tell this great general to take off his fancy regalia and take a swim in the the muddy Jordan River?

We are like that, too, are we not? God issues simple instructions and we balk at them when they do not fit our preconceived notions of ourselves. We want to be given the “big” callings, but not the small ones. We want to be seen, and we certainly do not want to be seen lowering ourselves to a place below what we believe our station to be.

When God give us instructions, are we willing to take off our uniform and do what He asks?