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2 Chronicles 30:1-12

Hezekiah was the 13th King of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, and the son of the evil King Ahaz. During the time of the divided Kingdom, some kings were good Godly kings, and some were not. As we can see in the beginning of the passage, this good King had made a decision to bring the nation of Judah back to worship of the One True God.

Hezekiah sent out messengers to all the corners of his Kingdom in an effort to bring them all to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, which had fallen into disfavor in prior years. His command for the people to come was met with some general success in the Southern Kingdom of Judah; however the response in the King’s outreach to some of the Jews in the Northern Kingdom of Israel who had not been carried away by the Assyrians was not nearly so positive. In fact. their response to the messengers was to laugh at and mock them.

We are told elsewhere that there is nothing new under the sun, and is a true statement to this day. Even now, God has a message for those who have turned their backs on Him. Even now, God sends his messengers to tell them of sin, repentance and redemption. Even now, God’s messengers are laughed at and mocked.

What will we do when that happens? Hezekiah did not give up. We can see from more study onward in this story, that the King did bring the nation back to God. He never became perfect, and he made mistakes along the way; however, Hezekiah in his heart was always in the right place with God. How about us? What will be OUR reaction?