Hi All. Well I got my outlines in for my upcoming Devotional writing assignment! They send the outlines to the actual lesson writer, the writers for the commentary, and the Daily Devotional writers. We get the lesson outlines and the chosen devotional Scriptures, and off we go!

I have 8 weeks to turn in my manuscripts, and they will actually not publish until the Fall Quarter of 2018. I guess putting together lesson curricula is a long term sort of thing. So, I have 8 weeks to prepare 28 devotionals. It’s a semi large project, because in 28 days a lot of Scripture is covered, so much reading and studying to do before I even begin.

So, I’m going to dive into that pretty full force for a few weeks, and my posting will be semi random. If something just pops in my head as I study, I will chuck it on here. Maybe it won’t be as random as I think. Mostly I am going to release myself from the standing obligation to post things 4 times a day; I may very well still do it, but I am going to release myself from the pressure I feel to do so.

Finally, I am going to reorganize a bit a work and get myself to the point where I only leave home 5 days a week. I’ll still be on call, but not going anywhere makes a huge time difference.

Mostly, I am just staying loose and seeing what God unfolds here.