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As we see this great sermon by Joshua to the people of Israel things were changing for the people. Moses had died, and now Joshua was in charge of the Israelites as they prepared to enter the promised land. His purpose here was to encourage them as they prepared to do this. Millions of words have been written on this, so mine are not significant or especially new, but just the vague thoughts in my mind as I read this verse, which I do often as it is one of my favorites.

Joshua was openly firm and committed to his position. He was, after all, speaking to the entire nation. No one listening could have possible been unclear about exactly where their leader stood in this issue. He did not waffle, or seek approval; he simply stated precisely where he stood.

Joshua was intentional. He said: “We will.” That status of Joshua and those he was personally responsible for was going to be no accident. He was planning the future based on the faith and obedience of those he was responsible for on a personal level.

Joshua set the tone and direction for his family. He never said, “They can decide,” or “They can sort it out for themselves and let me know.” Joshua declared with no shame the direction his family would go. He clearly stated his intention of taking them that way, and their obedience or lack of would be their own decision ultimately, but he was at least going to make his direction and leadership firmly known.

Joshua did not care what anyone else decided to do; he and his were going with God. He basically said, “You can all do whatever YOU want, but WE are going God’s way.” He did not seek the approval of the nation, or they vote or anything else. Joshua didn’t care what the rest of the nation did.

How many of us are like that? If we are the leaders of OUR families are we setting the tone and direction, or are we just letting them go whichever way the wind of culture and society blow them?