1 Kings 19 14 and 18

Read 1 Kings 19

This little story takes place after the Prophet Elijah was able, under God’s power, to have won a huge victory over the prophets of Baal on Mt Carmel. As most will know, the evil queen Jezebel had issued a death threat against the Prophet and he had run off, praying to God to take his life.

We might be hard on Elijah for this seemingly senseless reaction, but we also might be mistaken in our harshness. We learn often from God’s Word, and from real life also, that God’s people are often most vulnerable to Satan’s assault right after a big victory for God. Judging him for that is not really the point here, though.

We can certainly learn a lesson from the Prophet and his communication of God. As Elijah pointed out, he had been faithful to God in every way, and had remained steadfast in doing what God commanded through some very challenging times. He did go quite wrong in one thing, and that was his assumption that he, the Prophet, was the only on still remaining loyal and faithful to God and still doing His work. As we can see from the story, this was simply not true. God was quick to point out just how mistaken Elijah was; God still had seven thousand faithful, out there doing His work.

We can be just like that, can’t we? Sometimes we get so fixated on our own labors, and judgmental about others, that we become convinced we are the only faithful and true still taking care of business. We can learn some things here.

We don’t need to worry about all of the other people. God has this. God will accomplish His will and plan, and may or may not share with us how He is doing it. We need to simply focus on what He wants US to be doing, and let Him take care of the other folks.

There are things going on we don’t see. There are many things being accomplished that we never know about, but would certainly notice if somebody didn’t do them!

Finally, this. God had a proven track record of taking care of Elijah, even when Elijah ran away and hid. He will take care of us too.

An extra thought

Somebody has to do the things no body else really wants to do!