Acts 1_11

I bet 90 percent of the Christian blog world has just jumped up, looked at their phone or computer, and said: “Hey! What is that numbskull talking about?” Please, allow me to elaborate.

Of course I am looking forward to the return of Jesus. I am not really writing a dissertation on eschatology here, but I believe some day Jesus will come back and reign on the Earth for a 1000 years, followed by a New Heaven and Earth and the Eternal age of Heaven. That’s good stuff, and wonderful to contemplate. But on the Just a Thought post I did yesterday with that same scripture on it, J David Peever made the following comment:

it’s tough to look forward to our eternity but still see others that don’t have the same hope – how can life be worth living with out real hope?

That was a very sobering comment. It makes a point. There is a Christian so burdened by the idea of lost souls NOT going to Heaven with him, that he might actually wish that event be delayed. Wow. Now, my friend David is clearly excited about the return of Jesus himself, but also feels a great burden for the lost.

Of course when we actually do enter Heaven we will not be sad over the lost we left behind as God will “wipe away every tear.” What about now, though? Are we sad over the lost? Do we carry a burden for those who won’t be entering heaven with us, or be there waiting when we arrive?

An extra thought

If we don’t feel a burden for the unsaved, maybe we fail to actually understand just what we ourselves were saved from.