Luke 4_16

First of all, this is not written for or to some who won’t be assembling in the Lord’s house for any numbers of perfectly fine reasons. It’s not written to those who have done this on another day. It’s not even for those who think the whole idea is not valid anymore. All of those things are for another day and time. I even understand that Jesus gathering in the Synagogue then, is not the same as the New Testament Church He later started on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. No, I am NOT saying that if you are not going to church this morning, you are a “bad” Christian. I am certainly not saying you need to be there to become or stay saved.

This little Sunday morning post is just a reminder for those who just aren’t assembling, “Just because.” Those who have something “better,” to do, or are mad at the preacher or a church member, or just feel like snoozing this morning.

Just think about this for a bit as you read it. Jesus did it; He assembled with others of like faith to study scripture and serve His Lord. It was “his custom.” If it was His custom, perhaps it should be ours also?

So, beloved, I implore you. Get up. Get your Bible in hand and head to the Lord’s House this morning. Gather with your brethren, sing songs, study God’s Word and worship your God. You will be blessed, I promise.

An extra thought

No, you can’t worship God in your boat, any more than you can fish in the church house.