Here is a great post by Elihu I read a while back and have been hanging on to it. Tonight, as you get ready spiritually to worship tomorrow I hope, these are great words to think on.

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Blessings and enjoy!

Elihu's Corner


Dear Heavenly Father,

I approach your throne of grace with joy this morning as I prepare to worship you today. You are worthy of all glory, honor, and praise.

You are my creator.
You have given me purpose.
You have redeemed me through the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
You demonstrate perfect justice, and yet have extended grace to thousands who submit to Your will in faith—including me.

As I get ready for worship, help me to center my heart on You, O Lord. There are always demands and distractions, but let them not detract from the purpose of this morning.

When I speak with my brothers and sisters in Christ today, may my words be edifying. Open my eyes to see the person who needs my attention. Please, grant me the courage to talk to the visitors I don’t know and help them feel welcome and wanted.


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