I don’t have anything deep, theological, or even particularly spiritual to say this morning. I am pooped. Last week was put the pedal to the metal, burn the candle at both ends and the middle busy. As most know, we had Vacation Bible School last week, and it went really, really well. We had a good group of kids and helpers, decent attendance, and no major crises. Yay!

Work was busy too. I usually take off the week of VBS, but was not able to this week, as we just happen to be in our busiest time of the year. My guys are all on 6 day weeks now; we run a crew 7 days a week, but this week my guys each had to work 6 of the 7. My day consisted of rolling out of my door at 515 AM to begin the process of getting the crew ready to take care of business, then spending the bulk of the day taking care of it. I usually have a couple of guys working until 7 or 8 at night, so my day in theory last as long as theirs does. Usually the late guys are all prepared to just take care of business by late afternoon, so mostly I am just sort of on standby in case there is a problem. This is a good thing, because VBS started at 630 every night until 830. This put us home usually around 900.

Oh, and two days we still did our singing/devotional down at the assisted living center, between work and VBS.

Also, my poor Mother in law tried to food process her finger last week, and has to be doctored every night with a new bandage. I am the only non squeamish one around with any sense, so that task fell to me. Then, we would head home and have a bite of something to eat, and then bedtime.

Today, I am back at the work routine, but really plan to take an early day. An early day is when I do to the house and work from there via phone and laptop; I still have a crew out there running around.

Pooped I say!