Hello readers. I just ran across this post by our brother Vincent S. Artale Jr. He has had another bout of illness and is in the hospital. His ministry of reading and re-blogging countless blogs will be missed during his absence. Let us all join in prayer over this. Comments closed here, let brother Vincent know you are thinking of him.


Earlier in the week I started expierencing abdominal pain consistent with diverticulitis. My suspicions were confirmed yesterday, it is another bout of diverticulitis with a 4 centimeter abscess.

This marks the 3rd time this has happened, with a heart attack in between. Surgery is not an option at this point do to the abscess and the surgical tean cannot extract using a J.P. drain.

I won’t be exercising my awesome re-blogging skills 😎

Please pray for me and all the hospital staff treating me.

In Christ,


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