Psalm 42:1

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

That is a very vivid description of how we should desire our God. A hart incidentally, is simply a deer. One can almost picture the deer, after running through the forest for one reason or another, and how it would be panting and heaving for water from the brook. The deer would be almost desperate in its need for sustenance and relief.

That is how David described his need and desire for the Lord. He desired God with the same intensity as a deer desperately seeking water.

Are we even close to that? How often during the day do we even think about our need for God? Its important to note that David seems to be making this comparison as something that was simply a constant thing with  him. We may sometimes desperately pant after God, so to speak, but usually only when our need is also desperate.

What God wants from us, or one of the things He wants, is for us to desire Him with all of our being all of the time. Do we?