Just a small update on the start of our Vacation Bible School last night.


We had a pretty good start to our VBS last night. In fact in terms of participation, it was a God blessed start. We had 150 total in the building, and 99 of that was kids. Yep, we had 51 adult helpers. That’s pretty amazing considering we get excited when we have 100 for Sunday preaching! Have  I mentioned that we have more than the average church of willing workers?

Of course, no first night of VBS is without some chaos and a bit of disorganization, but our God can wrest good from the chaos; after all, He did calm a storm with just a word, right?

My class was a bit smaller than I had hoped, in that I only had five 7th and 8th graders. I do hope we pick some up over the next few nights. I did have to put down a minor rebellion in the ranks, which took away a few minutes of class time. Any one who has ever taught older kids knows that it never fails there will be one who wants to show how “grown up” he is by bucking the teacher a bit. Amazing also, is the fact, that it’s almost inevitably a boy. That, I suppose, is another post LOL. At any rate, I am fairly adept at spotting the potential problem the first night, and getting my bluff in quickly and unexpectedly. Last night was no exception, and good order and discipline soon passed throughout the classroom.

Pray for us: that we might show much love, teach good words, and physically and mentally stay energized through the entire week. Thanks in advance!