Next time somebody says, “Pray for me, would you?” think very hard about how your react. We ought not to dismiss such a request with flippancy, as this is serious business both to God and the requester. Great thoughts here from Matthew Winters.

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Blessings and enjoy!

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

I have heard so many people tell me they would pray for me, and I have done the same. It’s the “Christian” thing to say, but do we really pray for someone when they request prayer?

I was confronted with this idea today as I had two co-workers ask that I pray for relatives who are sick. I stopped where I was and prayed for the situations because I could easily forget or dismiss the prayer request altogether.

Many of us have good intentions, but do we follow through? Do we really pray for someone when we say we will? Do we mean “I love you” when we say it, or is that just part of southern culture here in America?

I want to challenge you to follow through if you tell someone you are going to pray simply out of habit. God does awesome things through prayer. He changes…

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