Hello dear readers! Well, again, I have gotten super busy, and haven’t posted a lot the last few days. I have, however, managed to stay caught up on my reading. I just wanted to drop a quick note and ask for some prayers and thoughts on a new endeavor my wife and I are embarking on.

A new assisted living facility has opened in our town, and she more or less volunteered her services to go down a couple of evenings a week and play some Gospel music and hymns for any residents who might want to come sing along. I thought that was a fine idea, and said I would pray about it. Well, seems I have been volunteered as well, because she said if SHE was playing, she sort of needed somebody to help lead the singing. Soooooooooo…off we go! Then, the lady who runs the place mentioned that maybe some Bible Study or a devotional might be in order. Sooooooooo..off we go!

We have been a bit busy, as my lovely wife worked really hard pulling almost an entire song book together from a bunch of other song books; I know how to punch holes and collates stuff pretty well, so we got that done.

Just two notes here.

One.I am blessed to be married to  a woman who saw a ministry opportunity and took it, and took me along on the trip.

Two. Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for indoctrinating them too young over this one. LOL.

I hope we will be in your thoughts and prayers, and thank in advance.